Historical Saga

Jewel in the North

May 2017

Flinders Ranges Series Book 3
Jewel in the North is the next deeply satisfying novel in the bestselling Flinders Ranges series.

A longstanding feud of land and love, a family torn apart and a quest for the ultimate prize…

A breathtaking historical family saga of love, death and forgiveness and a quest for the Jewel in the North.

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Dust on the Horizon

May 2016

Flinders Ranges Series Book 2
Dust on the Horizon is the compelling brand-new book in the bestselling Flinders Ranges series.

This sweeping historical saga takes us into the beautiful and brutal landscape of the Flinders Ranges and through the gold rush, following the fate of three men and the women they love. Men and women whose lives become intertwined by love and deceit until nature itself takes control and changes their destinies forever.

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Heart of the Country

May 2015

Flinders Ranges Series Book 1
Heart of the Country is the first book in an epic historical saga of three Australian families. Spanning several generations, this epic tells the story of the Baker, Smith and Wiltshire families forging their paths in a land both beautiful and unforgiving.

Lives are intertwined by love and community then ripped apart by hate and greed but remain always bound to the land they love…

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