Life is all About Choices

Life is all about choices. How often have I heard that? I’m looking forward to attending what will be a fantastic writers’ event, the only downside is I’m missing out on another. Writers are always learning and I belong to two great groups, the Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) and Fiona McIntosh’s Masterclass, (MC). Connecting with them has given me a sense of belonging as a writer but I’ve also learnt so much about writing and the business of writing and made many wonderful friends.
Back to the choices. This August is the annual RWA conference in Sydney and it’s also the MC National Conference in Adelaide, only the second in ten years since MC began. I’m packing my bags ready to head off. I’m excited and can’t wait to find out the latest in the publishing world, to dress up, to dine out, make new friends and enjoy the company of many dear writing buddies. BUT I have a severe case of FOMO for the one I’ll be missing.
Life is all about choices. Which one did I choose? I’ll let you guess but I will be posting about it on my Facebook and Insta pages and I’ll take you behind the scenes in my Spring Newsletter which comes out in a few weeks.

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