Just in Case

I admire those who can be minimalist when travelling but I am not one of them. I’m heading off for a weekend at a Readers Retreat and although I regularly travel away from home I’m still a failure at packing light. Days before I leave I set out the clothing I need, in this instance it’s for three days, the outside temp will be cold and inside events include, meet and greets, casual meals, panel appearances, gala dinner etc. When I packed, everything fitted in one medium sized case. I congratulated myself, after all when I fly interstate on a tour I can make everything fit into one small case. BUT…this weekend I’m travelling in my own car by myself (audiobook here I come) and the what ifs and maybes have hijacked my travel light intentions. I ended up replacing the medium case with a bigger one. So now my car boot is filled with a large case, a carry on size bag, a bag of shoes, some bulky coats, (it will be cold outside remember) a shopping bag with last minute loose items and as I’m about to shut the door on it…I pause, reassessing and then dash back inside for another pair of boots – just in case.

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