Apricot Fruit Strap

One of my favourite childhood memories is of my mum in the fruit orchard. We lived on a farm and the orchard was huge. I think it was one of her passions. We had fruit of many varieties all year round due to Mum’s diligence. Apricots were one of the many and we ate them straight off the tree, stewed with custard, in crumbles and as jam on slabs of bread with thick cream from our own cows. Then there were the jars of preserved fruit for the rest of the year.
Apricots have continued to be a fruit to sustain my family. My in laws had the most magnificent tree at their front door and it was all hands on deck to help Pa pick them and Grandma cut up the fruit for jam and the trays and trays of apricots for drying.
Now I find myself living in a house with a very productive apricot tree. We eat the fruit, make all kinds of sweets and we’re fans of apricot chicken, lots of bagged apricots go in the freezer rather than jars so we can cook with them all year round.
A favourite for my children and now my grandchildren is fruit strap. It’s great for snacks and lunch boxes but also a delicious treat when dipped in chocolate. So much easier to make with a Thermomix but you can do it without as I did for many years. I’m sharing the recipe that works well for me. Hope you enjoy it too.

Apricot Slab in Thermomix

1 kilo Apricots or peaches
1/2 tspn Vit C powder
1 tspn honey

12mins 100 degrees speed 2 (peaches leave MC off and cover with steamer basket)
1 min speed 9 by going slowly up to speed 9

Spread across 2 baking trays and 1 slice tray lined with freezer go between paper (peaches spread thicker and only use the 2 baking trays)
Put out in sun all day, may need an extra day.
Roll up with plastic still on and cut into pieces.
Store in airtight container. Lasts the year if not eaten first.

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